Monday 6 October 2014

Dreams, Desires and Working Toward their Attainment

Now that we're sleeping inside the house, I have to get up earlier so as to avoid traumatizing the construction workers with my bed head and bra-less t-shirt morning look.  So, up I get at six a.m. and therefore, add another hour with which to get things done and to free up more time for me.

I never understood how people could ever be bored with life.  I have so much to do always and I don't have kids to take care of or a full time job.  I never seem to have enough time to do the things I want or need to do.  I know my addiction to computer scrabble impedes my free time as well as my surfing the net perusing the sobriety blogs, facebook and pinterest.  I cannot give up my sobriety tools but I could lessen my other proclivities.

Right at this moment, I wish to free time up to meditate, practice yoga, take my long forest walks, spend time with the grandchildren and organize the company to a point where it is simple to run.

When our house is live-in ready I'll have the added potential pleasures of knitting, crafting, playing the keyboard (which I miss terribly) and cooking.  I'll also have lots of fun decorating, organizing and simplifying our new home.

So being productive now, in less than ideal circumstances, is the smart thing to do.  Procrastination is my worst fault other than my addictive personality.  That's one of the reasons yoga and it's associated lifestyle appeals to me.  With just two sessions under my belt, I've already began to feel more present and focused.  What if my yoga practice becomes the catalyst that brings me to that place of serenity and self-acceptance that I so desire?  I've heard other people talk about yoga's positive effect on their every day lives.  Why not me?

I have a new dream (and I am a big-time dreamer) of turning my yoga practice into a vocation.  I have a lovely, carpeted, large basement with plenty of windows and light which I would like to eventually turn into a yoga studio.  This would mean an increasing yoga practice that would culminate in a two hundred hour course on becoming an instructor.  Am I up for this challenge?  If I continue to be a sober soul, it just might be.  My first job is to stay on top of the little things.  A compilation of small moments is what life is composed of.

What will I do with this moment to work towards my goal?


  1. Could you invite someone already qualified to run courses from your basement in return for free tuition?

  2. Yoga is definitely part of my journey of self acceptance and serenity.

    That is a beautiful dream. For now, embrace the time at yoga to nourish and replenish your soul.

  3. I love Yoga! You should go for it, if it's what you want. We have a sister at MWO that is a Yoga instructor. She's amazing too! Just like you. :) Ginger