Friday 29 August 2014

Monster in the Cupboard

Well we now have a honking huge box of red wine tucked away in a cupboard in our tiny little trailer.  I asked hubby why he put it in with the clothes and not on top of the fridge where it would make sense to place it.  He said he didn't want me to have to look at it all the time.  He was trying to be respectful of my sobriety but buying a big box of my favourite poison sort of screwed that up before he 'hid' it away.

I have a bladder infection which I will treat with D-Mannose, a natural substance something like concentrated cranberry juice.  If that doesn't work (it's pretty full blown at this point) I'll have to go on antibiotics which I deplore.  It sure hurts to pee. 

Drinking seems to be a non-issue although some alcoholic loved ones are talking about trying to moderate their drinking and asking my advice.  Unfortunately, everyone has to learn from their own experience that moderation does not work for people addicted to alcohol.  I encourage them to try to moderate as that is the only thing they are willing to do at this point and it's better than not doing anything.  I remember needing to believe that I could control my intake.  It's an important part of recovery.  The eventual realisation that it's impossible will come to them when they are ready to accept it.  Hell, it took me more than five years to stop the insanity once I knew there was a problem.  Why should I expect more from those I love.

I think we are heading to the lake this weekend; it's a long one due to our Labour Day on Monday.  I need to do laundry and get some warmer clothes as our reliable icy Canadian winter if fast approaching.

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  1. Poor you. If my hubby had bought a box of my favourite poison I think I would have murdered him and then murdered the poison. You must be very settled in your sobriety in order for him to know that you would be OK with it in the house (or trailer). Get well soon and enjoy the weekend at the lake. :)