Friday 15 August 2014

Trying to Respond..

Just to let you know.  I love all the comments and often try to respond to them.  More often than not I screw things up and lose my post or write a long response and press 'send' and I lose the message.  I also have this happen a lot when I try to comment on your blogs. 

What I am trying to say is that so many comments hit home and I feel such a kindred spirit with you that I want to communicate back and forth.  It just doesn't happen often.  I am so busy with the move that I give up easily and close down the blogs and get back to my procrastination subject: office work.

I wish I had the time (and I will) to really learn the BlogSpot program and how to attach gadgets and how to get my blog out there as I hope to develop it into a helpful one.  So many plans and, right now, so little time.

Knitting Sober contacted me at just the time when I had failed twice at subscribing to her blog so we must all be on the same page.  We have so much in common.  We all do.

Please keep commenting and, I promise, I will be able to satisfy myself with lots of back and forth talk once things settle down at the end of September (now Hubby's saying early October.. yikes).

I want to subscribe to a bunch more blogs too.  This cyber-sober world is amazing and I'm sticking around for a long time.


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