Monday 4 August 2014

Spent my 100th Sober Day With Drunks

It's ok because they are my friends but it was a very boozy weekend and I had a blast.  Some friends of ours came to the lake house and spent some time.  Everybody including my husband, was drunk for most of the weekend.  No one was stupid, violent or weepy but it was sure fun to be the sober one.  I had no desire to join them but did notice that I am short on non-alcoholic drinks up at the lake.  I have to rectify this problem next time I go up there.

I jumped into the cool waters of the lake and swam to my heart's content.  I decided to take a kayak for a long meandering paddle around a large island and stopped at a deserted beach and had a solo swim.  Just doing this alone was so empowering.  As I was paddling back and feeling totally serene, I remembered that I had accomplished the 100 day sober mark.  I felt a lovely, proud, accomplished feeling and also a lot of gratitude.

I don't think I will ever touch alcohol again.


  1. Congratulations on 100 days!!

  2. This sounds lovely - you are really inspiring and a positive force in your family, I'm sure. Congratulations