Friday 10 July 2015

Doing Things Differently This Time

I certainly am doing everything I can this time to ensure my sobriety.  What I've done diffently this time compared to other times goes as follows:
  • I am using a sobriety counter (and would love to know how to install one on this blog)
  • I have my face holding my last glass of booze grinning like a banshee at me every time I open my lap top and it is my right arm
  • I had a little ceremony to mark the beginning of my new sober life
  • I have a shrine dedicated to my sobriety 
  • I have asked for help on my favourite cyber sober group
  • I have asked Belle from the 100 day Challenge blog for help and she is coming through big time
  • I actually asked a cyber sober friend if we could talk one on one and we did; she is a successful abstainer and a unwavering supporter of me for some reason
  • I told my meditation partner and she's tough... says it like it is.
  • I put a note on my phone listing all the reasons to stay sober and I am to read this list before taking the first drink
  • I've been juicing every day 
Ok, so that's what I did differently.  Now, let's see ... What I am doing the same as before when I eventually relapsed that I might want to consider changing:

  • I am drinking minimal amounts of liquids besides coffee and my morning juice; I will top that up in order to stay hydrated
  • I still have booze in the house.  The last 2 boxes of wine were leftovers (Duh??) from an evening my daughter hosted and she gave them to me.  I've given one to my DIL and when hubby finishes the red (yikes) I will not be buying any; I hardly ever do and I'll make a point of not doing so.
  • I have not found a replacement drink ever that I really love; any suggestions?
That's all I can think of right now.  Any feedback or reminders?  I feel like you know me better than my flesh and blood friends. LOL... 


  1. Click on this link for your sober tracker.... then you'll paste the URL on your design.... add a new gadget... click on HTML.... I can't wait to see it grow!
    Drinking ice cold water helps me so much..... sometimes I add lemon and drink it with a straw. I always have water chilling in the fridge!

  2. I still have hard liquor in the cabinet, but I had to pour out all the wine when I first stopped drinking. Wine was my poison of choice, and if I was going to have a drink, that's what it would be, so I got rid of that on day 1. Some people say to get rid of all the alcohol, but I really think it depends on the person. I am not at all tempted by what's in there, so it works fine for me. If it's tempting to you, I'd pour it out.

    As for replacement drinks, that was another thing I was really big on when I first stopped drinking, but as time went on, I really stopped caring about "mocktails" and now it's either diet coke or water. Sometimes I still enjoy a soda water with cranberry and lime. My thing in the beginning was to have a nightly cup of chamomile tea with lots of honey. It was kind of my life line around that 9pm hour when I was still wound up and missed the "calming" effect of wine. I did that religiously for several months, but recently haven't needed it. Maybe when the weather turns cool again, I'll get back to it.

    Looks like you have some really good tools in your toolbox. Don't forget self-care, like getting enough sleep, and putting good food in your body. If you crave a little junk food every now and then, don't be too restrictive on yourself. I went a little overboard with blueberry muffins for a while, but it's ok. The most important thing is your sobriety. A couple of pounds gained is a small price to pay. There will be time to worry about that later. Great job and keep going!!

  3. Cleaning the alcohol out of the house is good as it lets you create a safe place.
    I believe I never want to drink again. But I also know I occasionally have low points where I want to say screw it to everything. Those are the times I need to protect myself from.

    You can do it!

  4. I'm really enjoying coconut water these days. There are lots of brands with no added sugar or preservatives. It's one of those drinks that's subtle but really satisfying. And apparently it's really good for you too.

  5. Hi Deb,
    It sounds like you are in a really good place. Your toolbox sounds great! I wish you lots of luck.
    A x

  6. What a fantastic post! I think there are many people who are out there who can empathize and relate to your post. Thank you for sharing this and I hope we can all have a successful and (sabotage free) recovery. This post reminded me of a fantastic book I would like to share called “Addiction is the Symptom” Dr. Rosemary Brown ( Addiction is a fascinating and devastating part of many peoples lives, I personally have dealt with it throughout my own. Although I am in recovery, I often find it helpful to further educate myself and give myself new tools for dealing with urges. This book was great because it really felt different from others I have read. I agree with the author that addiction is indeed a symptom of a greater underlying cause, and having well detailed and thought out steps to manage it is crucial. I have found that reading books and blogs about addiction and recovery have been most helpful for me. I hope you and your readers will check it out

  7. That is actually a good idea: making a milestone out of your sobriety, and putting up markers all over to emphasize it in your mind. It is a nice way of sticking to such a practice. It’s really great to feel like you are accomplishing something as you go along. Good day!

    Sabra Hoffmann @ Stark Behavioral Health