Thursday 7 August 2014

Waxing Poetic on Sobriety

You know those ex-smokers who suddenly can't stand being around smoke?  Well, I am finding myself wanting to preach the abstinent life to all I meet.  I manage to hold back and even laugh at myself but if people bring it up I do tend to paint a rosy picture of my life sans alcohol. 

I really wish heavy drinkers (and there are lots of them in my circle of friends and family) would just try it for a while.

But we all know that, as drinkers, when we weren't ready to quit, we thought abstainers were boring, goody-two-shoes types and they were the last people we wanted advice from.  So I just keep it to myself.

My son has told me he's really trying to cut down on his drinking.  He is the type of drinker that needs to quit completely as he can down a 2-4 of beer in an evening easily.  I am glad he's attempting to moderate as I know this is the first step in his journey to sobriety.  He has a lovely baby boy and doesn't want to set a bad example for the little one.  He's in a great relationship and is generally happy so my hopes are high that he'll get the message that abstinence is the only way on his own through trial and error like I did.  He brought it up today and when I mentioned he had lost weight and when he commented on being off the sauce I resisted the urge to wax poetic on sobriety but, instead, said "Ya, booze really can pack on the pounds, eh."  I'll pat my own back on that one.

Well, all is well here... no big urges but I am ever vigilant as I've heard of relapses after years of abstinence. 

Sleep well.

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