Monday 1 September 2014

Easy Today... Drinking Tomorrow

I had a relaxing weekend at the lake.  I read two books and cooked great meals.  Hubby drank copious amounts of wine and beer.  He said he needed a weekend like that to recover from his week.  I didn't care as he didn't get stupid or smell bad.  I was able to keep the place up and running, go for a crisp swim in the frigid lake water, wash and hang clothes on the line, bake pumpkin applesauce muffins, a chicken curry, home made burgers, delicious veggie, cheese omelettes and other delectable dishes.  I was also able to treat my bladder infection by taking two D-Mannose capsules every two hours or so.  I never would have done all that with booze in the picture.  I would have had to go on anti-biotics and felt bloated and tired at the end of the weekend.

But still, the thought of taking a wine soaked trip to Europe appeals to me.  I've been telling myself that I could drink to my heart's content on a trip away and come back to sobriety.  Not sure if that is a reality or a fantasy.  Any idea?

I also sometimes think that at Christmas I can buy a bottle of Sambuca and nurse it over the holidays.  Ya right! 

As much as I can pour hubby a glass of red without a twinge of craving, I still feel very vulnerable.  I believe that "Wolfie" will come a calling when my guard is down.  I have to keep posting and keep reading. 

Cockiness is my usual downfall in the sobriety department.  Granted, I've never had four months of sobriety under my belt but I am worried that I will one day have to start at another day one.

Easy today, drinking tomorrow.


  1. We can't let our guards down for one minute. NO MATTER WHAT and no matter how tempted. Stay close, quit buddy!

  2. Honestly, I think a wine soaked vacation would result in a wine soaked return home. Sorry. I don't think addiction turns off and on easily.
    I also think a boozy vacation would be much less pleasant than the lovely weekend you just had. Sounds like it was fulfilling, satisfying and fun.