Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Recovery Room

I am in the process of building a two bedroom bungalow in a little village close to the city and right around the corner from my children and grandchildren.  This move was one of the catalysts to begin this sober journey in earnest. 
The second bedroom is small; 10' x 10' and will serve a few purposes.  I'll use it as a guest room by putting a futon in it.  I am tucking a baby crib in the opening for the closet we don't plan on using as such.

I have made the bold decision to make this my "Recovery Room" .
I will spend my evenings there abstaining from drink and the internet (another one of my addictions). 
My plan is to paint it a deep mauve, have candles, teas, incense, live plants and, most importantly recovery and spiritual books on the shelves.  Rather than photos or decorative art, I will place framed inspirational quotes on the walls and when there, my native or other gentle music will play. 
I plan on installing a simple laptop not connected to the internet so I can work on my blog posts, creative writing and other non-cyber activities. I will knit there, play my keyboard, read my books, meditate and sip tea. I will bring friends in one by one for quiet chats. I will encourage my children to use the room when rocking their little ones to sleep or taking a nap when visiting so they can scan the walls and shelves and absorb the wise words.

This is more than a dream come true. It will serve as a constant reminder to myself and my children that recovery is ongoing, positive, not to be hidden and a journey in itself.  I plan on making a sign to hang on the door as another reminder.   
With this room as my refuge in this little house, I feel I have another powerful tool in my arsenal.  Today is only day 6 but this is my final quit.  I can feel it deep inside the heart of my being. 
Do you have a spare room? Would you consider dedicating an entire room in your home to your own nurturing and recovery?

I'll post photos.

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