Friday, 24 April 2015

Treasured Solitude

I got so much accomplished yesterday with the aid of LOUD music.  For a change I had a few hours alone and immediately upon realizing the house was empty blasted the music and scrubbed two bathrooms, danced around the living room and had a lot of fun at the same time.

When I was living in Quebec I was lonely for my family and for the English world.  I had a lot of time alone during the day but this was not the cause of my loneliness.  It was more of a low grade emptiness I felt in the evenings when it was just hubby and I; him watching TV and me wandering around our small cottage trying to avoid the sounds of his shows.

Time spent alone during the day has always held great potential for me.  I crave time alone and currently it is in short supply.  We have my son, his wife and their delightful son living with us and our company has moved it's office to our basement so the house is a happening place most of the time.

Yesterday was a rare treasure, indeed.  I did my housework with music blaring and windows flung open.  I danced in my living room, took a long bath and was in the moment each moment of my solo time.  I hope I get another opportunity for solitude soon.


  1. I love your reprogramming idea. Go for those 30 days! I also love your honesty -- thank you for giving that to all of us in cyberspace. And congratulations on the quiet house....

  2. Go you! Listening to loud music can really lift your spirits and make you feel good. Enjoy your solitude whilst you have it. A x