Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Cleaning Lady For this Sober Granny

To not drink alcohol is easy.  It's easy most of the time.  It is so easy that when an urge hits out of no where, a drink is taken without thought, planning, discussion or actual decision making.  This fact has been the death of many a sober stretch for me.

How to combat this sneaky little bastard, Mr. E (for Ethanol).  He uses many subtle tactics to rope me back in.

Billboards, TV and magazine advertisements, insecure drinking friends, restaurant suggestions, patio ambiance, family celebrations, I could have have gone on and have done so in the past.  All this to say that my naming the tricks up Mr. E's sleeve doesn't seem to diffuse their effect.

What am I to do to ensure I am prepared when he makes his inevitable secret attack?  Should I have wear a shock collar? Should I put an electric fence around the wine bottles? Should I pay someone to clout me upside the head if I so much as look at a glass of wine or draft beer?

I am not sure but maybe a reward is in order after the first thirty days of sobriety and every one hereafter.

At the beginning of July when I've reached my first thirty days, I will treat myself and hire a cleaning service every second week and will continue the service unless I slip up.

What an incentive to keep going!! I am so glad I thought of it.  Let's hope we can afford it.


  1. To prepare yourself you can make the alcohol harder to get. Clean out the house.
    You can enlist a sponsor who you can call or text when the urge hits.
    You can have a special drink (tea, juice, sparkling water) ready for replacing the urge.

    Preparation is important.

  2. I'm exactly the same Deb. I don't have cravings and will think I am doing fine when BHAM! out of nowhere I will decide to have a drink. I'm hoping this time will be different. A reward after 30 days is a great idea. I think I will do the same and buy myself something nice. You are doing great. A x

  3. know I'm cheering for you Deb!! Join me girl.... I know you want it...
    My very first AA meeting, one lady said to me....
    ..... just don't pick up that first drink, just don't pick up that first drink, just don't pick up that first drink...
    It stuck with me.
    Another said...
    ..... alcohol is cunning, baffling and powerful....
    It stuck with me.

    These two little lines are always at the back of my mind and I move them to the front when I need to. I always always have bottles of ice cold water and I actually am grateful for that in my life.... so much healthier.... and I love feeling the cold water go down to my belly....
    Grab sobriety by the balls!!!!!

  4. Hi my friend. Thinking of you. Hope you're well. xo

  5. Thinking of you...have been following you but away from the sober cyber world..need to stay closer! So glad you are doing okay and thanks for sharing your journey with us all! hugs