Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pen Pals and Promises

I have returned from the Mexican Mayan Penninsula where I was vacationing and celebrating my son's marriage.  We were away for a week and there was a lot of evidence there that drinking is so destructive.  I saw couples divided by idiocy caused directly by booze, hospitalizations due to concussions due to slipping on wet marble floors while intoxicated, no shows for important 'events' due to hangovers and while sipping on (mainly) virgin drinks, I was able to prepare myself for finally letting go of my struggle with alcohol.

Rather than counting days, I am following Jason Vale's advice and celebrating my victory over alcohol's control each and every day from now on.  My last drink (a glass of red) was on January 15th at the Table d'Autre Restaurant in the resort.  I re-read Jason's book during the last two days of vacation as part of my plan to finally move forward with this new, exciting time in my life booze free.

I came home to a very good example of my future should I continue to stop and start with my quitting.  My Mother is literally sneaking drinks behind my back.  Picture a little, impish, 85 year old hunched crone shuffling around the house with a pair of needle nosed pliers in her hands.  Asked why the pliers, she replies "How the Hell else am I going to open the bottle of Irish Cream?"  We had to hide the liquers (from Christmas).  She fell out of bed last night.  She could not get up and at 4:00 am I was awakened by her banging her fist on the floor to get my attention.  Hate the booze, not the boozer!!

I have managed to nab a lovely New Zealander and an enthusiastic, articulate American as pen pals.  We have lots in common and I am looking forward to checking in with them daily to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I've been having amazing meditations that are bringing me to places I never dreamed I would go so I guess sobriety appeals to my authentic self.

Have a great day Peeps.

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  1. Happy New Year. You should write a book about your mother's antics, or tweet them anonymously, something like Justin Halpern (reckon he's done quite well out of it - might fund your yoga studio!)