Monday, 1 December 2014

Grateful for Life

We just got back from drivng my Mom back home and on the way to Toronto on the 401, we came atop a hill going 120 K per hour and hit traffic at a dead stop.  My husband had to veer to the shoulder of the road and the car was out of control for what seemed like a full minute and he eventually was able to stop the car with no crash.  What a scare and it just goes to show that we can be here one minute and gone the next.  Hubby's sister and brother-in-law died in a similar fashion a few years ago.

Live each day as if it was your last.

Today I am thankful for the home we've built, the serene village we live in, the health and well being of our family and the friends I am rekindling relationships with.

I have to say that gratitude sprung to mind immediately and ever since the near-accident.

How fortunate we are to be alive in this crazy, dangerous world.  The speed we drive at on a daily basis is, literally, taking our lives in our hands as a commonplace occurrence.

The house is quiet although Hubby and his helper are building something in the garage for a construction job they've been hired to do.  Only in Canada does one build canoe racks for the Hudson's Bay Company in this day and age.

Today is the first day I will get a chance to completely clean the house as I am finally alone with no one to mess up after me.  Baby and family will return for dinner at 5pm but the whole day stretches before me to take care of the house.  My DIL gave me a big head start by keeping it in pristine condition while we were gone this weekend.  I am thankful that everyone around this house pulls their weight.

A happy rant, but no real point to make except Thank You Universe for providing me with the most important things in life: Love, Family, Friends and Health.

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  1. Great post about living each day to the fullest..we need to remind ourselves of 2 things grateful and don't drink! Glad your life can get back to normal etc...thanks for sharing!