Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

I`ve been practicing random acts of kindness in the past twenty four hours and, already, I feel the difference in my mood.  Just doing little things like taking someone`s cart back to the grocery store for them after they`ve done loading, running to the store for my busy DIL and other small niceties (that I should have been doing anyways) have made ME feel good.

It`s the little things in life that make a difference.  I hope to continue this practice and not forget about it after a few days.  Remind me, would-ja...

I am anxious to start having the grandchildren over for sleep-overs when they`re old enough and the oldest one will be this summer.  What fun it will be to bake with her and play games, etc.  I don`t get to see some of the little ones as much as I would like but when I really think about it, it`s my doing as well as their parent`s.  A little phone call or text requesting an audience with the little urchins is usually all it takes.

Today I plan on starting to write a small biography of my favourite uncle, Godfather and best friend; who is 83.  He will be delighted to tell me all about his varied and fascinating life.

I am checking things off my list of doing one thing a day that makes a difference in my bucket or to do list and feel the satisfaction of that.

Onward and upward and still SOBER... day 98 (counting BACK from 100) LOL...

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