Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Women Unite!!

Why can`t us woman band together and fix all the problems of the world...

We have relied on our brothers, fathers and sons to run this planet and look at the mess they`ve made of it.  The violence, anger, distrust, destruction and mayhem that is prevalent at this point in the evolution of our home planet, Earth, is at it`s breaking point.  We are allowing men to destroy the planet from all angles.

We, as women are more than 50% of the world`s population.  As a mass of people, we have power; by power I mean positive energy.  How can we rally ALL the women on the planet to rise up and take over from our weary men... they`ve exhausted every option except peace, love and forgiveness.

Can you love the ISIS.. Can you love Hitler ... Can you love rapists, serial killers and those whose actions have labelled them to be your enemies.  Can you accept the fact that violence begets violence and that every child is born innocent.  Life`s experiences and our sensitive, damaged souls create undesirable and even, despicable behaviour.

If you were raised in violence, tortured, yourself, as a young child, do you not think you might be one of the perpetrators... we all could.

Let`s start an uprising of peaceful demonstrative women.  We can save the planet from self-implosion if we begin by loving, not only our families and friends, but our enemies.  It`s that simple.  The seed of love and forgiveness can be planted and with nurturing, perseverance and tender care, a massive wave of peace can be built, one act of kindness at a time.

We, sober bloggers, have been struggling with one of life`s greatest challenges.  We`ve been in the trenches; some of us for years.  If our focus extended out from ourselves and we used the same determination, drive and relentlessness that we`ve needed for our continued sobriety on saving our planet, you never know what we could accomplish.

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