Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Got My Mojo Going Again

Having a productive day.  Office work caught up.  My mom is settled in.  I did not drink last night.  I have still been meditating every morning for about 9 months now... every frickin' morning at 6:00 a.m.  I, actually, love getting up at 5:40 a.m.  Really, I do.  I am showered, meditated, caffinated and rarin' to go by 7:00 and that adds about three hours to my day.  I used to be so slow to awaken in my pre-meditation days.  In case you are wondering what my early morning is like, ... here goes:

5:40 - soft music slowly wakes me up.  It's dark outside so I can't see the bird feeder hubby erected right outside my bedroom window but in the summer, it was lovely.  I brush my teeth (and scrape my tongue which might sound gross but it is a real great addition to my oral hygiene).  I then get in the shower, get dressed and make coffee.  Friend either arrives or I cross the street to meet her.  We sit by candlelight, sip coffee and chat about the previous day, read aloud from two books (one is a daily inspirational and the other a daily recovery book).  We spend at least ten minutes of silence meditating and then give each other a big hug and go our separate ways.

7:00 a.m. - I pour myself another coffee, make my bed, tidy up and eat something either satisfying, nourishing and hopefully both.  I usually take my second coffee out to my little, secret garden and sit under the canopy of wild grape vines that have taken over that end of the property.  I wander over to pick a few late raspberries and go inside.

7:30 - I get some office work out of the way.  I work, on and off all morning either on office work or housework.  Around 11:30 I prepare lunch for me and my Mother.   She is a late riser.

I have plenty of time for myself if I stay organized which is a challenge because of my Squiggly personality.

Mom and I are starting piano lessons tomorrow.  I can play very well by ear but now it's time to learn the basics.  Mom has always wanted to learn.

My days are busy because the five grand babies are constantly making welcome appearances and my house is a revolving door with family, friends and business people coming and going.

My life is perfect each day I choose to stay away from my torturer, red wine.  I am on day two.  Mojo intact and humming nicely.

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