Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Winter Blahs

This winter weather is getting to us all in my neck of the woods.  The house feels claustrophobic but I hate leaving to go on any errands.  Just driving to pick up the mail or to the bank, both of which I could walk to in 10 minutes, seems like a huge ordeal.

I've been watching too much T.V. and not reading or moving enough.  I can't seem to lose that belly bulge that I happily created over the holiday season.  Tip: after menopause starts losing weight is a bitch.  Previously when I needed to shed a few pounds I would slightly change my eating and voila! the weight would fall off.  Not quite that same situation now.  My belly is a bulging and my new mirror, which happens to be a 'fat' mirror, is a depressing reminder of the pounds stubbornness. I've decided to go low carb for a while.

I am on this blog because I know I need to; not because I have much to say.  I had a slight slip up on the weekend but corrected myself before it got to the point where I would call it a relapse.  It scared me to think that I was so willing to throw all the effort that went in to my sobriety on a whim.  Crazy Monkey Mind!!

I am learning about self-publishing on Amazon as I have a few short books up my sleeve.  It seems that I start to investigate this fascinating subject and then, immediately, start a game of on-line scrabble or switch the TV on or go on Facebook.  Hey let's avoid any productive or self-fulfilling activities just in case they make me feel good.

It's the same with a great book I am reading.  I will intend on reading it and then proceed to do everything in my power to make sure I don't.

I think I need a drink shrink!

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