Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Walking Barefoot

My new neighborhood is located in a little village close to the thriving capital of Canada, Ottawa.  It is nestled among the farmlands and winding rivers that meander in the area.   We are building on an original street with huge, mature trees and many parks.  We are camping on the property. 

A neighbor has generously allowed the people of the village to use her maintained trail that runs alongside of the river for 7 kilometres.  The floor of the trail is grassy with bits of clover and wild flowers.  I have been walking over there (it's literally one minute from my property) lately and have been taking my shoes off. 

Feeling the cool grass between my toes as I practice my meditative walking has done wonders for my soul.  I never dreamt that in this day and age there would be a place that would allow for barefoot walking for miles on end other than a beach.

Yesterday I wore a loose, summer dress and, sandals in hand, wandered quietly for an hour almost tripping over a large turtle sunning himself on the path.  A blue heron was trolling for fish down in the shallows and I swear he was almost 4 feet high. 

Does life get any better than this??

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