Friday, 15 August 2014

Addictive Personality... A Good Thing?

On my initial sobriety forum, where I still spend a lot of time the subject of having an addictive personality came up.

Having an addictive personality usually is associated with negative connotations.  I believe after reading that thread on MWO that we, addicts, can use this addictive mind of ours in positive ways.  Creating new, positive habits could come a lot easier if we allowed our addictive minds to dominate in the formation of the practice.  I am not sure how to channel that part of my brain but I'm going to give it some thought. 

What is it that creates an addiction?  My opinion would be that addiction is the continuous search for repeated experiences of 'feel good' endorphins associated with the substance or practice.

In order for me to get addicted to, 'let's say', exercising I would have to seek out the high from doing it.  What would make me seek it out?  When I started drinking it didn't call me early in my 'career'.  It tasted terrible at first and felt terrible too.  After a while, it still tasted terrible but it started feeling good too.  Then, eventually, I started to like the taste and the seed of addiction was planted.

So, using this analogy, which I believe to be true, in order for me to become addicted to exercise, I first have to do it and feel the creaky limbs waking up after a long slumber and, maybe even, feel the burn the next day.  After a while if I keep it up I may start feeling a little more limber and refreshed after each work out.  If I continue, I may start looking forward to the feel good endorphins that are bound to flood through my veins as I plod along.

It may become an addiction.  I am really good at addictions!  It just might be worth the try!


  1. What a great post - I definitely have an addictive personality but so far it has only been negative addictions (alcohol, energy drinks and marijuana as a teen) - exercise, green smoothies and meditating are new addictions I want to start. You are right that we just need to begin them even though they may not be appealing at first!

  2. I love the post too. I have an addictive personality I believe...maybe not addictive as much as indulgent, and I like to do things that make me feel good, and they aren't always good things, or I do them to excess. I've exercised to the point where I'm injured, and then can't do anything. It's hard for me to find my happy medium.

    1. I think that is all part and parcel of our brains and it makes us different from "normal" people. I too boarder on indulgent or obssessive, I am an "all or nothing" person. :)

  3. HI Deb, you are always very insightul in your posts. They are full of intelligent words and thoughts and you really do inspire me. I also appreciate the time you take to write your blog and comment on mine and other blogs too. I think excercise sounds like a really good addiction but you just need to be cautious you don't over do it. I am waiting to hear your progress. :0

  4. Yes, a very helpful blog, thanks. I most definitely have an addictive personality, also a greedy, overindulgent and excessive one. I would like to explore new addictions. I would like to get addicted to working even harder, eating only healthy food, and sleeping 7 hours a night. Ok, exercise too.