Thursday, 14 August 2014

Blogging Works!! Start One of Your Own!!

After yesterday's rant followed by the gratitude list; I got off my duff and cleared out the trailer of all unnecessary stuff like clothes, books, personal papers, etc. and brought in some files from my car.  I went through all the files and organized them in a way that will make my office work more efficient.  I then went through all my 'things to do' and listed them on paper.  The list is enormous but most items on the list are not in the 'urgent' category.  This morning I will complete the few urgent tasks and one or two of the others and go visit my daughter and baby granddaughter. 

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it really is thanks to this blog.  By articulating my frustrations and seeing that the solution is in my own hands, my procrastination came out loud and clear as pretty counter-productive to my own happiness.

If you are reading and don't have a blog and if you enjoy writing, hop on the blog train.  It makes you accountable. 

We went for Indian food last night and hubby had a Kingfisher beer which I took a sip of.  It verified in my mind that I am not missing anything worth giving up the limitless benefits of sobriety.  Remember that the look of the sweating glass of ice cold beer and the stemmed glass of burgundy wine look a lot better than they taste.  Just my opinion.


  1. I've enjoyed your blog. I've just gotten 1 month behind me and it's like my eyes are opening and I'm becoming aware of all the good I have in my life (and what a mess it all There is so much to be grateful for. I agree about the blogging, I started mine as a way for me to have a reminder of how bad things are, when they later seem just fine. Have a great day, I plan to.

  2. I knew after your rant as you called it that you would get on it! Just pouring it all out really helps one move forward. Thank you for sharing your life with us..I'm on day 3 and I'm doing Belle's 100 day challenge. Thinking about sharing through blogging to help myself and others...because I relapsed after so many years and I hope to help others not make that same mistake! Hugs to you!