Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Finally Moved In and Things Have Changed

Things have changed in my neck of the woods.  We have moved into our new home and now have a bed to sleep on, a table to eat on and a couch to rest on.  My son, his wife and my 17 month old grandson have joined us and are occupying the basement.  We went from just the two of us living in a dilapidated, over-crowded trailer to living with extended family in a luxurious, brand new home.  It is busy around here.  Each night we create a feast and the whole gang enjoy a drink or two before dinner.  I happily drink my A/F wine or beer or more often than not, drink my delicious tea.  I have dedicated an entire drawer in my kitchen to my varied selection of great teas.

I am enjoying the complete change of lifestyle and know that while it lasts, I'll reap the benefits of a busy household and when the younger generation inevitably leaves to build their own family nest, I'll be glad as well.

Sobriety is so easy for me.  That is dangerous because with the ease comes a complacency and a detachment from the sober community.  I am blogging today because I know it is a necessary part of my recovery.  What a sly little trickster addiction is... I feel confident, healthy and independent.  This is the condition that usually causes the door to open a crack to let the little monster back in.  Because of what I've learned previously and with the tools in my arsenal, I may be able to stop it the next time it pounces but I have to stay close to you all.

I have loads of things to do in the next few weeks but don't feel as overwhelmed as in the past. Is that because I have, not only my days, but my evenings to accomplish all that needs to be done or is it because I am sober.  Six of one, half a dozen of the other as they say.

I am preparing for my alcoholic mother's two week visit.  Rather than confronting her with the "You can't drink in my home!" routine, I think I will just pour her a beer or two with half A/F beer.  That way the most she'll get in an evening is one.  This will allow her to stay sober and on her feet.  The last thing we need (her included) is a fall causing a hospitalization.  I will also ply her with home made sweets which is another addiction of her's.

Most of the boxes are unpacked and I have yet to find two gold coins we purchased a few years ago when we had a bit of cash.  They are worth $3000 and I should be beside myself with worry as we are pretty broke right now.  I have to stay positive and hope they turn up.  Maybe in a few years when we are in real dire straits, they'll appear in a timely manner... hope, hope, hope!!

I am starting to feel organized.  I have lots to do and will now make myself some lunch.

Have a great, sober day partners!!


  1. So glad you are moved in and feeling secure. Belle has a podcast on the topic of when sobriety seems too easy...haven't listened to it yet but wanted to pass it on to you...thinking of you with your mom..family dynamics can pull the rug out from under us as you know...also the latest bubblehour podcast was excellent on Paws...I learned much more from their guests...stay strong!

  2. Glad the move is moving along! Having a toddler in the house is exciting. Enjoy this time. Good luck with Mom. I think your plan will work. Take care my friend...Ginger999

  3. That is a good change. Keep staying sober and healthy, and your vision and outlook will grow clearer some more. You do not need the mental noise, of both peer pressure, as well as past dietary habits. All you need is your sheer determination to get rid of everything that hinders you from your goal. All the best to you!

    Donnie Benson @ Midwest Institute for Addiction