Monday, 15 September 2014

Yoga Tonight

Boy am I out of shape!  I used to be in fantastic shape but these past six months of being in transition have wrecked havoc on my body as well as my soul.  I had never experienced Yoga but wanted to for a long while and I found a Monday night class within a short sprint of my home to be.  By coincidence my new next door neighbor goes and so she suggested we go together.

The poses were easy in that I am very flexible but difficult as you have to hold them for a while which takes muscles and stamina; both of which I've let go to seed.  I will attend on a regular basis I believe.  I am getting to know some women in the village and socializing was one of the things I was looking forward to when I moved to this little English speaking town.  Living in the French world for the past twelve years really zapped my confidence in making friends.  I had a few but being an outgoing person, I often felt alone and isolated in Quebec.

When I really think about it, getting sober is only a small part of the enormous healing I have to do in order to find serenity and to be happy in the depths of my soul.

Baby steps is the way to go... just like the movie "What About Bob"... one of my favorites.  I have to move forward one step at a time.

When we decided to sell the lake house in the past few days, I felt, not a sense of loss, but a sense of relief.  Although it's a beautiful, majestic house and has a lovely beach, we just can't afford it.  The food that goes in that house on the weekends, the gas money we spend the effort to feed the hungry visitors all take their toll on us.

Living a quiet, simple life in our beautiful new home surrounded by my children and grandchildren and making new friends is really what is going to make me happy.  No more rushing up to the countryside every Friday and working our butts off all weekend only to come home to work hard all week.  Getting out and joining activities like yoga is one of the keys to becoming part of this lovely community.

I am starting to feel positive again.


  1. Yay granny! Love that you are moving towards a solution xxx

  2. I'm glad that you are making a plan that works for you. :) Ging

  3. You are sounding far more positive. Welcome back you strong inspirational lady :). Sounds like you are making great inroads to your future and it sounds as if it definitely is the right time for you to pass on the Lake House and toys to someone else who will enjoy them just as much as you have. Go you :)

  4. Once again you push on through with your courage ,honesty and pragmatism. I am inspired by your personal insights.