Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Blood Moon Rising

My birthday is today and it coincides with a lunar eclipse and a blood moon rising.  Here is my horoscope based on my birthdate:

"Keep in mind: all Lunar Eclipses are powerful Full Moons that are 'course correctors' and are meant to change your life!! This Lunar Eclipse has an edge to it that forces us to start making necessary changes. Stay calm and make arrangements to simplify our life by month's end. Prepare for new! 

This eclipse in Aries could rock relationships as this Aries Moon encourages us to jump ahead before thinking about the consequences of our actions. It IS meant to free your mind and force strong feelings to the surface. You must make a choice and take a stand on principles that may likely displease someone else - yet being true to yourself is the higher calling. As you know, earthlings tend to be more emotionally expressive during a Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse emphasizes this emotional reaction. This is a time to embrace change, to make it your friend, and to be calm in the midst of it.

Psychic sensitivity, spiritual instincts and emotional connectedness are aroused as the environment becomes a little unstable. This unstable environment occurs because there is change in the electromagnetic energy that affects us mentally and neurologically. There will be some stress as blockages will begin to crumble and then there will be a feeling of freedom. The good news is that creative and artistic qualities will be discovered as you let go of beliefs that don't correspond with your current reality!! Outdated ideals or dreams may need to be discarded, which can be painful but necessary. You are experiencing an emotional and spiritual awakening to today's truths as clutter is cleared away and your present world is seen in a new light. You will redefine your personality and your image over the next six months!! A new hairdo, new clothes, a NEW YOU emerges!! Keep in mind, as you go through this process, that all of this is good and part of your pattern of growth as you take on a proactive approach to living. You will finally drum up the courage to make necessary life corrections! Enjoy!"

Whether one believes in astrology or not, that prediction is encouraging and in line with what I've been actively seeking lately.

On a funny note, before I went to bed last night (sober :-), I promised myself I would get up at the time when the moon was starting it's eclipse.  At around 5:30 I started getting up every 15 minutes to watch the moon.  It was very solidly shining and globe round with a hint of fiery red emanating from it.  It did not change much and when hubby got up I told him to look at it.  He couldn't find it.  I pointed it out to him and he informed me I had been gazing at a street light all night.  The sky was too cloudy for the moon's observance.  I may be sober, but I'm still a bit loopy!

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  1. Happy Birthday and I hope your gift is the one we are all seeking...sobriety! I wish for you peace with your sobriety too..not thinking about drinking or not drinking as Belle says! May this next year bring you the new life you are seeking and the courage to live it! The stars have things lined's what we do with it that counts...Sober October ...we are doing it!