Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Atchooo !!! Boing, boing !!

We have lots of snow here in Eastern Ontario Canada.  It`s -22C (not sure what that is in farenheit but it`s frostbite cold).  The roads are icy and I am a tentative driver.  I have to go to the cell phone repair shop as my phone is toast and it`s needed for the business. Personally I am glad it`s dead but need to get it fixed nonetheless.

Little 18 month old grandson cried off and on all night.  His parents are trying to get him to `not`come in their bed in the middle of the night because next week they are going to Cuba for an all-inclusive holiday and us grandparents will be stuck with the baby in the bed problem.  This morning DIL and I agreed that it`s pointless to try to train him now as us Grannys will not let him cry.  We`ll spoil him and ruin all the work they`ve done.  So hopefully a quiet night tonight.

I have finally caught the cold that the household has kept churning up since Christmas.  Sneezing, sore throat, the works!!  Not such a terrible thing since I can go back to bed whenever I want; unlike the members of the family that work outside the home.  There are definite advantages to working from the basement office.

Despite the cold I am keeping my meditation dates with my friend each morning at six a.m.  Today I woke up early (sneezing fit) and since I was up, jumped on the rebounder for a while before fixing myself a glass of warm water and lemon.  It`s ironic that when feeling well I don`t manage to exercise or drink healthy beverages at 5:30 a.m but I am sick and up and at it.  I`ve always been an enigma.

The daily mediation is serving to ground me and to start the day off well.  It helps that my friend, J, constantly reminds me that my visits are beneficial to her as well.  We all want to be wanted.  Maybe the morning ritual I`m developing will help with my sobriety.  I sure hope so.

It`s funny but a small thing like this morning commitment has the power to redirect me in many ways.  I`ve always been keen on getting up early and having a lovely start to the day but because I was not important enough, I did not follow through until J and I committed to each other.  I won`t question that fact, just be with it and be glad the ritual has begun.

I`ve had so many positive comments here and I really appreciate them.  Knowing that people reading this blog might take something from it that helps in their sober journey keeps me going.

When will complacency get the best of me?  I am scared of becoming over-confident.  Awareness is the first step, right?  I am aware that I cannot get complacent.  Very aware.


  1. Thank you once again for sharing your wisdom and journey with us. Every day I think of you! Sherry/Ginger

  2. Hope you feel.better soon! Keep meeting your friend every morning,.it's so important for you as it is self care and you desrve it!