Saturday, 10 January 2015

What I LOATHE about Booze!

I hate booze and here's 10 reasons why.

  1. It's EVERYWHERE !!
  2. It's the only drug on the planet that is NOT socially acceptable to ABSTAIN from
  3. It tastes good with food but is impossible to curtail after the meal... wine with dinner... there goes the bottle
  4. It sneaks up on you and tricks you into thinking you can use it while all the while it is USING you
  5. It robs you of your confidence and ambition
  6. Although it tastes like crap, it always convinces you otherwise (especially before that first sip)
  7. It's cravings are not only physical but emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  Your body needs the sugar, your heart needs the filter, your brain denies the addiction and your spirit craves the lightness of being that is it's first fleeting sensation.
  8. Whole cultures and occasions are defined by it's existence: Ireland and Germany's beer, France and Italy's wine, Carribean Cruise cocktails, All-Inclusive resort packages, Champagne at weddings, the hockey beer culture,  etc.
  9. It lets you rest easy in your abstinence until you get complacent, then it subtly pulls you into it's trap again and again and again.
  10. Every quit is harder than the last... 
All the words, plans, ambitions and goals mean nothing unless they are followed through on.  Let this time be the last time.  Please ...


  1. Another day one? Not the end of the world, just another beginning. We're there with you ...

  2. Yes we are here to support you. You Will Do This!!! Trust, faith and a true knowing of what you really want will help you get there...wishing you the best!

  3. Deb, are you back to day one again? I feel for you if so. You know that I have had so many "restarts" that I must be pretty close to holding a record! You have always been there for me and helped pick me up. I know for a fact that your number 10 is so so true. Be kind to yourself. Big hugs.