Monday, 28 July 2014

Accomplished ... Who Me?

Today I went for my Ontario Driver's Licence.  After a short wait I was called to the counter and was served by a lovely, intelligent, efficient young lady.  After the usual requests for identification, payment, etc. she shyly asked me if she could ask me a personal question and that I didn't have to answer it if I didn't want to.  I was curious so, I smiled encouragingly and said "Sure". 

She then asked me what I did for a living.  I told her I worked for the family business, but guessing that she had seen me in my old job as I was out and about quite a bit back then, I told her what I had done previously.  She was looking at me with what can only be described as reverence and explained that she thought I had was a CEO of an important company or a well known personality because I looked so accomplished.  Accomplished!!  I felt my face turn red and joked that my biggest accomplishments so far are my four grandchildren.  She bantered back that maybe in my future I'll become a professionally accomplished person.  I closed the subject by assuring her I was happy working two hours a day for the family business, thank you very much.

I was wearing faded cut off bell bottom jeans, a warm, cuffed navy blue sweater sipped up to my chest, a little turquoise necklace, understated earrings, Birkenstocks and a bit of makeup for the inevitable ID photo.  My short hair was fluffed up but in all, I was very casual.  I am also so tiny that I could barely see over the divider separating us. 

Now I've been called cute on occasion but I never thought for a moment that I might come across as an accomplished individual. For some reason that one compliment from a total stranger caused me to hold my head up a little higher and, also, to examine the persona I present.

After some thought I came to the conclusion that my physical self image is very poor.  I often feel like an ugly, frumpy, buck-toothed, sallow skinned old hag.  All my confidence lies in my personality which invites people in.  I know I am good at making people laugh and feel at ease.  I am comfortable at the head of a meeting table; no matter how many people are involved.  My confidence is high in this area. 

To make such a big deal in my mind about this one observation by the young lady at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation makes me realize that I am actually a presentable woman who comes across as confident and well put together.

If I have ideas to share (and I have many brewing in this never resting mind of mind of mine), I can deliver them to anyone without feeling the shame of being thought of as frumpy and old.

Maybe I'm making a mountain of a molehill but this lady inadvertently changed my life in a positive way.  Her bashful admiration was like nectar to this starved honeybee. 

I have to get out more.