Monday, 12 May 2014

I Was Cinderella...

... and my three year old Granddaughter was the evil stepsister... then we switched and she got to be Cinderella.  My son and his family surprised me for Mother's Day Weekend by showing up at the lake house up unexpectedly on Friday night and they stayed for the weekend. 

A month ago, not knowing they were coming I would have been half in the bag by the time they arrived.  Because I am not drinking, I was perfectly able to organize them, accept my granddaughter's request to sleep in Granny's bed and to spend much of the weekend playing with the nine month old little guy and, of course, the sweetie who loves to act out fairy tales.  The water in the lake had just melted from it's icy winter glaze and, at my girl's insistence, we had to get our feet wet.  We spent Saturday and Sunday afternoons jumping in and out of the freezing water and playing make-belief on the dock.

I am getting a taste of what the future holds.  Presence!!  Although the wine was flowing, we also managed to accomplish so much this weekend.  My DIL had some red but didn't over-do it and my son and my hubby held their own in the boozing department but, because they know when to start and when to stop, we found the time to clear brush, repair the dock, burn a mountain of deadwood and cook up a storm.

I had a few twinges when serving drinks and sitting on the dock but this brain of mine has finally come to the realization that it's just not worth it.  I drank sparkling grape juice, loads of tea and a few A/F beers but I didn't have to have a drink in hand at all times. 

Life is unfolding in a beautiful, conscious way and I am so happy and content to be really in the here and now and sober. 


  1. Hi this is Ginger999 from MWO! I've been waiting for this post and it made my heart so happy this morning to read it. Glad you had a great weekend!

  2. Hi Ginger, pretty anti-climatic post but hey, it sure beats an "I really blew it this weekend" post! So happy to be doing this with you Ginger!! Together we will beat the beast for once and for all.

  3. Whoop! It's all those lovely little moments that are so freaking amazing .. those moments when we are playing dress-ups feeling fully present or driving home from a party sober or opening the curtains with no hangover at 8am and our brains are screaming HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I LOVE BEING SOBER!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain does that anyway. xx

  4. Hell, Yes!! For some reason this time it's different. I think my brain has switched. I missed the sunrise at the lake both mornings but it wasn't because I was hung over. It was because my room is so dark. I have to set the clock because the sun rise is spectacular on lac du camp. I can do anything !! Anything!!